Affordable luxury at your fingertips... literally 💅🏼

Welcome to my shop!
I have always been a beauty fanatic and love trying out new make up and skin care products, and experimenting with different hair styles and colours. Nail fashion is no different. I remember getting my first acrylic set eons ago and thinking I was so bomb. I was unstoppable! Reality hit me when I was sitting at the computer and could barely type a sentence without a typo (I've since gotten better). 

I created these sets so that you can experience that feeling as well, at your own convenience. Sometimes, we just need that extra boost of confidence, and don't have the luxury of time to get that feeling. Sometimes, we just need a glamorous set of nails for a weekend or event, but then we need to go back to our jobs or routine that don’t allow us to have long or painted nails.

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